As summer draws to an end, teachers are busily preparing their classrooms for the return of their students. Now is the perfect time for them to consider taking a second look at their classroom library to see if it needs a minor (or major) overhaul. Parents, it is also the perfect time to donate gently loved books that your child has outgrown!

www.klamb.netWhen I was chatting with a dear friend of mine the other day, she was excitedly telling me about preparing her classroom for the upcoming school year and getting ready for their Open House. Of course, knowing how I feel about promoting children’s literature, she sent me a picture of their new classroom library reading area. I loved it! Look how cozy and inviting it is for children. Wouldn’t you want to pick out your favorite book and read? Imagine settling yourself down into one of the comfy blue chairs and reading Clifford the Big Red Dog (or your favorite almost eight-year-old detective) with the sun streaming in through the window, while the birds chirp away outside.

Now there are some important things to note. First, look at how she made it a quiet, relaxing space where they can actually focus on reading. Secondly, all the books are easily within reach and at a child’s level. Displaying the books on top of the bookcase also creates interest. Be sure to cycle through the bookcase and change the display out on a regular basis to promote their curiosity in new books! As for the bear, well, he just makes for an awesome mascot!

Please donate your gently used books to your child's classroom!I love how this bookcase is neat and organized by topic with a large assortment of books. Providing a child with ample reading selections will help prevent boredom. Of course, we all had that favorite book we read over and over again, too! 

As I reflect on my friend’s classroom library, I  see only one issue. How will she manage to keep the kids from quarreling over those two blue chairs? Oh, to have such problems! I see many days ahead with children’s noses buried in books as they wile away the time and unearth new adventures.

As always, I’d like to remind you to change the life of a child today. Read to them, and watch the world unfold in wonderment. 

Wishing you all the best,

– K. Lamb

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