Inkspokes announces their 2015 Select Book Award Winners!

I don’t typically post on Sunday, but today deserves a special edition. For those of you who are not familiar with Inkspokes, they are an online literary magazine that focuses on connecting indie authors, artists, and readers. Over the past several months, they have been conducting a review of indie books, which meets their rigorous criteria, in an effort to compose a recommended reading list with their stamp of approval. In their own words…

“The award recognizes well-written books published by indie authors and small presses that express originality, spunk and freshness – the types of books that make us excited about reading again.

Some of these books were submitted in our Inkspokes Select Books 2015 project; some we discovered along the way in our summer’s reading. We’ve created a new page on our site that will list these Select Books. Think of it as our recommended reading list.”

So why am I so excited that I had to post a special Sunday edition? That’s an easy question to answer, and one you may have already guessed—The Dani P. Mystery series was included on their list. Not just one of the books, but the entire series! As authors we can all pretend that recognition doesn’t matter, but if we are being completely truthful, it is a validation of our hard work. I feel blessed because I can honestly say that my books have all been best sellers at one time or another in their respective categories on Amazon; in addition, I can now also state they are award-winning books. Please do not mistake my enthusiasm for a lack of humility. I am humbled and grateful for this award—you’ll just have to excuse the silly grin that goes along with it.

Here is what Inkspokes had to say about the series:

“Once in a long while, one comes across a children’s series that is not only well-written but says something meaningful. This is one of those series. The Dani P. Mystery books are fun, engaging, a real delightful read. The dialogue has both warmth and spunk, the plots are well developed and we come to care for the characters because the author cares about them. Each adventure is a treat. These are the sort of stories that make reading fun. They also tell us about friendship, loyalty, unexpected courage – and, mostly, that having the confidence to be oneself, even though different, is a good thing.”

I was actually notified a while back of the status of my submission. Do you know how hard it is to keep something like this a secret? Well, for me anyways. However, the news is out and I can now share that excitement. I can also channel that energy by giving you a more in-depth look at Inkspokes. Stay tuned, because they have agreed to let me turn the tables and interview their magazine, which I will publish on Monday, September 28th. I hope to introduce you all to their platform where they  conduct author and artist interviews, reviews, and an array of interesting articles on the world of publishing and artistic pursuits.

Until then, I encourage you all to read the full article featuring the announcement of the 2015 Select Book Award Winners.



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