There is something about the beginning of Fall. The weather is still warm, but there is just something in the air. Perhaps it is anticipation for those winter days when the rain outside gives you the perfect excuse to wile away the day with your favorite book. Or perhaps it is knowing little ghosts and goblins will soon be knocking on your door, and the holidays will soon be upon us with all of its good cheer. Despite all of the wonderful possibilities the new seasons bring, before welcoming it all in, our family decided to take the night out and visit the local Farmers’ Market to say a final goodbye to the summer season.

As we walked down the street the first thing we noticed was the smaller crowd, and that not as many vendors had shown up for the weekly event. I guess that is to be expected as the season draws to an end. Undeterred by the turnout, we enjoyed strolling along each booth and tasting the delicious samples offered up by our eager hosts: fresh berries and peaches galore! Of course, no trip to the Farmers’ Market would be complete without a stop to buy my husband a bag of his favorite coveted Kettle Corn. We weren’t surprised when he opted for the large so that it would last him throughout the weekend.

[Ahem, it was halfway done as we reached the end of the street.] Whereas my daughter and I each decided to bring home a new friend to add to our growing collection of oxygen-bearing household plants.


The early eve continued to take on its charm as jazz filled the air from a lone musician on the quiet street. As we continued our stroll, we took in the beauty of the Bay and the bridge in the distance. Out on the water, even paddle boarders were taking advantage of the last of the summer sun as clouds danced across the peaceful sky. It was the perfect end to our busy workday as we all walked away our worries and tension, celebrating life together as a family. Yes, it is the simple things that can bring us the most joy. Sometimes all it takes is a little companionship. A smile. A twinkle in a loved one’s eye as you laugh together under the setting sun.


Please don’t forget to take your own moment to say good-bye to summer as we welcome in Fall, and may your celebration be filled with good friends or family.

Wishing you all the best,

K. Lamb