It all began with a tweet

I met the Gomee Girl “family” on Twitter soon after I published my first book, Dani and the Haunted House. We instantly connected. Perhaps it is because we have a common belief that girls should be allowed to explore and be themselves and not limited by society’s norm.

After all, how many almost-eight-year-old detectives do you know that wear overalls and a backwards baseball cap? And just because Dani isn’t a fashionista and doesn’t mind a little dirt here and there, doesn’t mean she’s not all little girl. Girls come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of interests. Some may want to grow up to be ballerinas, while others dream of becoming an astronaut and flying through the stars. Whatever our girls dream, it is up to us to help them realize their goals. It all begins with us supporting and nurturing their ideas, giving them the foundation they need for success, and helping them grow into amazing adults. This is at the heart of the Gomee Girl mission.


But before I go any further I should introduce you to Donna Furgal, the Founder of Gomee Girl. Donna lives in New Hampshire where she is married to her best friend and is the mom to three beautiful children. She enjoys gardening and loves zinnias and Italian food. She also doesn’t believe in “bad days.” A true optimistic at heart, she always strives to focus on the positive things in life.


The Interview

Donna, what does the term “Gomee Girl” mean?

Gomee means just what the name says, “Go me!” Or, as we like to say around here, GO MEE! A Gomee Girl believes in herself and in her dreams and she knows that she can express herself just the way she is! GO MEE is a Gomee Girl’s cheer! I’m amazing just the way I am! I can do anything! Yay for me! GO MEE!™ 

Go ahead… you know you want to say it!

Personally, I love your catch phrase, “Don’t Be Just Anyone…Go Be YOU!” In today’s world, children need this positive message especially when they so often live in a world that is filled with peer pressure and bullying. Can you tell me more about your tagline. 

‪Saying Go Be YOU is a way of reminding ourselves, every day, that we owe it to ourselves to be who we are and to be true to ourselves. It’s not always easy, I know. Sometimes your friends might want you to look or act a certain way, sometimes you might feel like you don’t fit in and that it’s easier to just be like everyone else. But, being YOU is the BEST way to be… always! When we are true to ourselves, we gain confidence and that can lead us to great things in our lives!

I’m all grown up now (although I giggle like a kid most of the time) but I remember being a young girl and trying to grow up. It wasn’t always easy. Being the real me was sometimes disguised behind trying to fit in and being afraid. I remember what it felt like to try to be me and I know that there are so many girls out there who feel the exact same way. But you know what? I learned that it’s okay to be ME… always! I think that the sooner we can get this message to our girls, the better!



I noticed when visiting your site that you showcased a special needs model in addition to your other models. This touched my heart and made my day because all children are precious. If you were able to address the special needs community, what would you say? 

Gomee Girl is here to let you know that it’s okay to be YOU. You don’t have to have to be afraid to let the real you shine through. You have amazing things to offer the world and when you share the REAL you with the world, you share a gift that no one else can share… you share the gift of YOU!

How do you feel your products are different?

Providing girls with an alternative to most of the products that are on the market today was an important step in the Gomee Girl journey! I noticed that most of the products on the market which promote self-expression were either inappropriate and/or they just didn’t send the right message to girls. I found so many products telling girls that they need to be “perfect” or that they need to be a princess, dressed from head to toe in pink, in order to be valued. Gomee Girl is looking to change that in a fun, creative way! Unable to find much on the market, I decided to introduce a new line of girls (Gomee Girls) and characters, which empower girls and allow them to express themselves through messages of positive self-expression.

One final question…What is your definition of “True Beauty?”

I think that girls, in particular (and women in general), are inundated with images and ideals that are just flat out unattainable. You see, I was that girl who always worried about how I looked and whether I fit in, and I remember how that feels. Gomee Girl is here to let girls know that they can rock their beauty just the way they are! I encourage girls to express themselves and to embrace what makes them unique with our beautiful designs and our messages of positive self-expression. I want girls to believe it when I say that they are amazing and they can love themselves just the way they are! I strongly believe that a girl’s TRUE beauty isn’t defined by her size, by her hair or by her skin. Every girl is beautiful from WITHIN, in the heart of who she really is. Now that, my friends, is TRUE beauty!

Where to connect

I’d like to thank Donna for visiting us here today. I’d also like to invite you to connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. I think you will agree with me that Donna is the epitome of True Beauty. Her heart and positive message shine from within.

You can connect with Gomee Girl at: