I’d like you to take a moment and think back to your childhood. At one point or another, I’m sure you came across a Highlights magazine.  It has been a staple in children’s literary magazines since debuting in June of 1946. Although, far from being that old, I can remember my own early childhood and the excitement I would feel each month when the mailman would deliver my copy.  Let’s be honest, who didn’t love their Hidden Pictures?

According to the Highlights website, the magazine began over a car dealership in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The first run off the press consisted of 20,000 copies. Sixty years later, they have published over one billion copies! I believe the magazine’s success is founded on the idea that education inspires imagination. It is a true testament that if you make learning fun, children will want to learn!

Further, I admire that Highlights takes it one-step further by allowing children to submit their own work by accepting multiple types of submissions! Encourage your child to expand their imagination with a chance to see their creativity in print. Not only will they love to share their work with other children but they will gain a sense of accomplishment that will further motivate them to excel.

HighlightsIf you are wondering if your child is too old or two young for their magazine, Highlights publishes three different magazines depending on your child’s age. The categories are broken down as follows:  Hello Magazine (0-2 years), High Five Magazine (2-6 years), and Highlights Magazine (6-12 years).

With summer upon us, it is the perfect time to introduce your child to new magazines and books. Don’t let their minds stagnate! Highlights is one option, but there is a plethora of material available.

For more information on subscribing to one of the Highlights magazines, please go to their website. You will also find free activities and puzzles to keep your child entertained during these long, hot days.

Wishing you all the best,

K. Lamb