Today I would like to introduce you to a fellow author and friend, C.L. Murphy. Her series, The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, was a project born out of devotion for her own “lovable” wolf-pup named Lobo that she raised and lived with for 14 years.

A resident of Oregon, Ms. Murphy has the pleasure of living in the wild with her family where she is often visited by the local animals. Living amongst nature, it is easy for her imagination to take hold as she watches the antics and distinct personalities of the different creatures that come to visit by capturing their spirit with her trail cam. It was this practice that led to the inspiration of her newest book, Selfies in the Wild.

To coincide with the August 1, 2016 release, Ms. Murphy is hosting an official Book Blogger Tour and offering a special promotion for a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card or PayPal card. Contest information can be found at the bottom of the page. But before you go off to investigate, let’s take a more in-depth look at the books’ details:

Title:  Selfies in the Wild
Series:  The Adventures of Lovable Lobo
Author/Illustrator:  C. L. Murphy
Publisher:  Peanut Butter Prose
Review Format:  Kindle Edition
Age Level:  3-7 | Grade Level:  P – 2
Price:  $1.99 | $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

Summary: Lobo and his sidekick raven find a trail camera in their neck of the woods, and it attracts the attention of forest friends. Images captured have never been sillier or more candid. Just as their wild dispositions are exposed, the photo shoot comes to an unexpected end and they’re all left wondering why. The reason may be obvious.


My thoughts…

Young children will easily relate to the meaning of “selfies” and will connect with this whimsical picture book. In addition to the colorful illustrations, Ms. Murphy weaves an adorable “tale” (oh, how I wanted to write “tail” but I’ll save that pun for another day—or perhaps not) of what happens when nature meets technology. I loved her spattering of advanced vocabulary words, which were later explained in the Glossary at the end of the book. Challenge words always earn extra points with me! She even included a sly little fox that appeared in only one scene and she challenged the reader to remember where he was located in the story. Finally, children are sure to be delighted by the actual photos she included at the back of the book of some of the animals her trail cam captured.

Here’s a short bio Cathy shared:

About C.L. Murphy

Cathy (C.L.) has been creating with and for kids for many years, and because of it she’s ever armed with crayons and not afraid to use or share them. She’s faster than a speeding turtle, more powerful than a newborn bunny, and nearly able to leap tall tales in a single bound. She’s in a position to use her unassuming powers in a never-ending battle for good and silliness while traveling to the deepest (sometimes dark) part of her imagination. She’s been a member of SCBWI since 2012. She lives in a wonder-filled forest, amongst the wildlife with her husband and other untamed animals. They have two wildly perfect sons and a scrumptious new granddaughter.

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The interview…

But, before I let Cathy sneak away (as if it would be that easy!), I have a few questions of my own!

Cathy, it’s not often you hear of someone having a wolf-pup as a pet. Can you please tell my readers how it was that you happened to come across Lobo and raise him?

Fate brought that little ball of fur to me by way of my husband. I didn’t particularly like the idea at the time, but I grew to love and respect most quirks that he had…and he had many. His keen sense of smell and hearing, a heightened sense of awareness, combined with his intelligence, were traits that proved to be a challenge to handle. Sometimes I felt as if he could read my mind. He was a lovable creature but most people were afraid of him because of his size and he looked every bit his Canis lupus part.

What prompted you to create the series, The Adventures of Lovable Lobo?

Lobo’s character was larger than life. It just screamed to be heard. At least in my head it did. I hold many stories in my heart based on living with the big galoot. Most of them will never make it into a storybook and some I’d like to forget. How could I not immortalize his uniqueness and splendor in a series?

Do you have any other projects under development?

I do! I have a fun and silly story inspired by my new granddaughter and my husband. There are two other stories swirling around in my head that may see the light of day.  I have an Art Party on the agenda, where I’ll be instructing a small group of kids how to paint with acrylics and watercolors and draw cartoons. I do love children’s parties and planning activities and events.

pawsome2015If you could offer children one piece of advice, what it would it be?

Only one? How about seven? Be P.A.W.S.O.M.E!

Okay, okay…you’ve been soooo patient, but I know you’re wondering  all about how YOU can win the $200 grand prize. Well, wait no longer. Here you go….

C.L. Murphy’s Giveaway

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I’d like to thank Cathy for joining me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at C.L. Murphy’s new book, Selfies in the Wild, and getting to know a little more about the author.

Don’t forget to jump onto the Selfies in the Wild Blog Tour and follow Cathy all month long to continue learning more about her, Lobo’s antics, and what happens in the wild.

Before I sign off, I’d like to remind you to read to a child today. The time you invest now, will make a difference tomorrow! 

Happy reading,

K. Lamb

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Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of Selfies in the Wild in preparation for this interview and for joining the Blog Tour.