Today I’ll be doing a book review of Marie and Mr. Bee.  I happened across this story when the author, Margaret Welwood, sent me a copy of her book and asked me if I would be interested in reading it and considering it for one of my blog posts? As much as I love reading children’s books and reviewing them, I have to find a balance between the time I dedicate to reviews and my own writing. So I promised to put it on my growing reading list.

I also gave Ms. Welwood my typical response that when I read a book, it does not guarantee I will be able to review it. However, I really enjoyed Ms. Welwood’s book and wanted to share it with all of you.

Book Details

Title:  Marie and Mr. Bee
Author:  Margaret Welwood
Illustrator:  Coralie Rycroft
Available Editions:  Paperback | Kindle
Pages:  28

Please note:  This book is available in two different versions. One is the standard version and the other is a Proverbs edition. I am reviewing the standard version.

How it begins

“What happens when a not-so-busy bee comes buzzing through an open door?
Come with me to a little cabin in the woods, and I’ll tell you what happened
the day Marie met Mr. Bee.”


Ms. Welwood definitely knows how to quickly capture the attention of her young (and not-so-young) readers. Instantly, I wanted to know what happened. So with my attention glued to the story I turned the “virtual” pages and read.

Since this is a short, picture book I do not want to give away too much of the story line. What I can tell you is that Mr. Bee leads Marie astray from her usual routine. Marie quickly learns the consequences of neglecting your responsibilities.

What I enjoyed about this book

There were actually several things that I appreciated and so I thought I would list them below:

  • Right away, I loved that the cover depicted Marie in a wheelchair. However, this is not made apparent in the story line except for one very brief comment. A child is merely able to absorb the image without it going into too much detail. I believe this will help a child to more readily accept that just because someone is handicapped doesn’t automatically mean that they are less able than others. It may just mean they do things differently. As they will learn, Marie is quite capable of taking things upon herself.
  • I loved the soft tones Coralie Rycroft used in the illustrations. They are very inviting.
  • There is a definite lesson to be learned in the book, but it is offered up in a very gentle way.
  • The author has a Note to Parents. Okay, we all know how I feel about that. I include one in my own books. I love that she also believes in creating an open dialog between a child and their caregiver.
  • Despite Marie being led astray by Mr. Bee the book ends with a positive resolution.

In Summary

Although Amazon does not state what age category this book is intended for, it seems to be an ideal choice for young emergent readers. The story line is simple and children should easily comprehend the language and positive message. In short, it is the perfect addition to your child’s personal library.

Connect with Margaret Welwood

If you would like to learn more about Ms. Welwood, please visit her website. 


There are always lessons to be learned in books. It is why I often encourage parents and children to read the same book. It is the perfect opportunity to create an open dialog and to grasp how your child’s mind processes ideas. 

Do you have a book you would like reviewed? Leave a comment below with the title and I’ll add it to my reading list. If selected for an article, I will contact you for more information. 

Happy reading,

K. Lamb