1225634Connecting with those who share your enthusiasm and passion is key to success, and sanity, when you are an author.  Only they will truly understand the trials, the sleepless nights, and the joy you experience when a project is finalized and you hold that book in your hand for the very first time. They will understand the deep sense of satisfaction, and the nerves that will unfold as you get set to release it into the world.

This is one of the reasons why I love to follow other author blogs. It is a way to gain valuable insight as we love to share our experiences–good and bad–with one another. Today, I want to introduce you to Cat Michaels, one of my fellow KidLit Parade Co-Founders, and friend. Following my monthly Halloween theme, I thought this would be the perfect time to share her most recent blog article, Five Autumn Mini Tales.

Here is an excerpt of my favorite…



The Watcher

Dusk steals the last sparkle of autumn sun.  She’s running late.  Missed the last bus.  Taking the short cut to reach home faster.

But that brings her to the edge of the meadow and the Old House. 
Dry leaves crunch underfoot as she approaches.  The house is dark but looms large in the graying sky.  A sudden wind cuts the air. 

She shivers and grips her coat tight, but it’s more than cold making her quake.  Hurrying, she passes the rickety front gate and glances up.  Is that smoke from the chimney? 



Well, what did you think? What…you wanted to read the rest? Oh, so sorry.  I guess you’ll have to visit her blog to find out how the story ends. I know, I’m such a little gremlin! Luckily, I’ll be able to shed this Halloween costume soon. But, just between us, I may miss being a mischievous, little sprite!

If you’d like to read the ending, please visit Cat’s website: CatMichaelsWriter.com or go straight to the article.

Your ever faithful gremlin,

K. Lamb