Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas plays softly as the Christmas tree sits demurely in the corner, the twinkling glow offering just enough light in which to write. While my favorite ornament beckons a smile of tenderness. The warm ambiance a reminder of all the things I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I love the holidays. The excitement of being with family, the camaraderie around the kitchen as everyone gathers. The laughter that fills the air as we come together at the table laden with a feast. It is a reminder that the true gift of the holidays is not the presents that lay under the tree, but of family.

The word family is not defined by genetic code. There are so many ways that bind us; whether by familial bonds, marriage, adoption, or by kindred spirits joined in friendship. Those you surround yourselves with, who support you through the joys and sorrows, and whom you support—those are the people in your family. Even the random stranger with whom you offer up a smile in greeting or whom you lend a helping hand. The world connects us all. We are humanity. Even through the difficult times, we are all blessed in one way or another. And in those troubling times, it is important to remember we are at our strongest when we come together.

This year as you gather with your family, I ask that you silently take a moment to appreciate your loved ones. Look at those around you. For these are the greatest gifts in your life. They are precious. As the years pass, these individuals are the memories that will live in your heart, and in your soul. They are a source of comfort, of joy.

May you all be blessed this Thanksgiving. I wish you all happiness as you settle into this holiday season, and I give thanks for your part in my life.

Warm regards,

K. Lamb