The teeny, tiny mouse tossed and turned in his bed unable to sleep. You might think it was because Papa Mouse was snoring or because Mama Mouse squeaked as she dreamt. But it wasn’t because of either of those two reasons. It was because he was too excited! You see, it was Christmas Eve. Everyone knew that not even a mouse scurried about on Christmas Eve. Well, until now…

As quietly as he could, Ezra peeked out from under his covers and sniffed the air. Wiggling his pink nose, he looked around and climbed out of his cozy matchbox. The floor was cold beneath his paws and he shivered, pulling his stocking cap down further over his ears. Without a sound, he tiptoed past Papa Mouse and Mama Mouse’s bed. As he hurried past the woodstove which Papa Mouse cleverly made out of a soup can, he turned and took a moment to warm his paws. But only for one moment.

Ezra had a plan. Although he was the littlest of all the mice in the house, he was also one of the smartest! At least he thought so. It only made sense that if every creature—big or small—was asleep in their bed, then he could finally explore. Mama Mouse never let him explore. She was too afraid of the big, fat cat that lived with the family. Brutus, that was the name of the cat, loved to hunt. And can you guess what he loved to hunt most? Oh, you are a clever one! You’re right—mice!

With a smile on his face, Ezra snuck out the front door, and froze in wonder. He never imagined a human’s house would look so magical. In the corner of the room, by the big glass windows, stood a grand tree that glowed. On the top of the tree an angel smiled down. The golden halo she wore brushing against the ceiling. Ezra had never seen anything like it. Twinkling lights sparkled and danced, casting colorful spots on the wall. Golden bows were tied to the tips of the limbs and funny looking human-things dangled from the branches.

Ezra sniffed the air once again and followed the smell. It led him to the base of the tree. It smelled like Papa Mouse after he came home from a long day of work in the forest. And something else—peppermint! The kind Mama Mouse put in his cocoa! It came from the red and white curved sticks hanging from the tree. Certainly the humans wouldn’t mind if he had just a nibble, would they? Climbing up onto a branch, he scratched at the plastic wrapper. Leaning back, he made himself comfortable and pulled the stick closer to him. As he sat enjoying his treat, a sudden jingle from above startled him. Ezra tilted his head, perked up his ears, and listened carefully. It sounded like bells—and hooves? He heard a clop, clop, clop along the rooftop.

Ezra shrank back into the tree uncertain what to do. After all, he was just a little mouse. He’d never been away from home before. He wiggled his nose worriedly. Maybe he should have listened to Mama Mouse. Oh, he was always getting himself into trouble!

A sudden poof of ash bellowed out of the fireplace and a hearty laugh filled the room. Ezra’s eyes grew wide. Could it really be—Santa?



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