Actually, January 18, 1882 was the birth of Alan Alexander Milne, more commonly known as A.A. Milne, the author behind the beloved classic, Winnie the Pooh. However, without the man, there would not have been a tale for children to cherish. Each year, this date is celebrated by those who devoured Milne’s story about a lovable bear and his friend, Christopher Robins.

Winnie the Pooh Cover

Title:  Winnie the Pooh
Author:  A.A. Milne
Illustrator:  Ernest H. Shepard
Publisher:  Dutton Books for Young Readers

Pages:  176
Available Editions: Kindle | Hardcover | Paperback | Audible | Mass Market Paperback | Board Book | Audio CD

Age: 8-12
Grade: 3-7
Lexile Measure:  790


90th Anniversary

2016 brought about the 90th anniversary of when Milne first published and introduced Winnie the Pooh to the world.  January 18, 2017 offers the opportunity to introduce a whole new generation of children to this timeless piece of literature. There are different versions, but as a parent or teacher, why not introduce your child or students to the story as it was originally authored? This is a wonderful classroom read-aloud. Afterwards, encourage them to read easier versions on their own, or depending on their age and reading level, to continue with the next adventure, The House at Pooh Corner.

House at Pooh Corner


Aside from Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, there are many personalities within the story line to capture a child’s whimsy such as Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger (one of my favorites!) and more. And although children may not be aware of Milne’s name or authorship, they will easily recognize the more commercialized Disney version of the characters.

Fun Fact

A fact children may find interesting, and that might also help to engage them as listeners, is to tell them that the story is based upon a real boy, Christopher Robin Milne, and his teddy bear. Knowing this information may help them to identify with the characters and befriend them in their imaginations. Allow a child to fulfill Pooh’s prophesy, “We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see.” After all, haven’t we all found a friend in a book at one time or another?

In the Classroom Activity

As a classroom or home activity, I encourage you to read the story to those who are too young to read it for themselves. Or perhaps gift an older child who can read on their own with this tale. Afterwards, you can print a copy of this month’s In the Classroom: Winnie the Pooh Word Search for a fun activity for the child to complete.

I am always on the lookout for a unique chance to introduce a book to a child. This annual “holiday” is the perfect opportunity. By submitting this blog post a few weeks in advance, I am hoping to encourage you to read to your child or students the story of a lovable bear and his human friend, Christopher. 

Warm regards,

K. Lamb