I learned about BookBub when it came across my news feed on Twitter. It’s been around for awhile. But how many of you have heard of it or have bothered to sign-up for a free account? Hopefully, you have. If not, I want to recommend why you should. First, let’s find out a little more about the service:


BookBub is a free daily email that notifies you about deep discounts on acclaimed ebooks. You choose the types you’d like to get notified about — with categories ranging from mysteries to cookbooks — and we send great deals in those genres to your inbox.

BookBub doesn’t actually sell books. We simply alert you by email to fantastic limited-time offers that become available on retailers like Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple’s iBooks, and others. Book publishers offer deals at these sites for promotional purposes, and our staff works with them to determine the best ones to feature to our members.

BookBub features ebooks ranging from top-tier publishers to critically acclaimed independent authors. Our team of experts makes sure that we’re only featuring great deals on quality books that you’ll love. 

[Source:  Bookbub.com]



I can already hear the collective groan. You’re thinking, do I really want one more advertisement in my Inbox? Well, here’s the good news–you can set your notifications to daily, weekly, or never! If you choose never, you just sign into your account online to see a list of discounted or free books. I have two Kindles, both with a wonderful selection of reading material thanks to BookBub. Does this mean I never pay full price for books? Absolutely not! If there is a book I want to read, of course I’m going to purchase it. BookBub is just an amazing way to supplement my Kindle library and discover new authors or series.


BookBub isn’t just for readers. It also offers its own author platform. Be sure to set-up your free author profile and link your books. There is an approval process, but that only takes a few days.  It is one more outlet to help promote your books. Plus, you can request (for a fee) a featured book promotion. I can’t wait to give it a try! What’s holding me back? I want to have my second edition books re-released prior to requesting a feature. It’s all about strategy and making the most of your advertising dollars.

In addition, BookBub also has their own blog for readers and a partners blog with some great content for authors.

Final thought

Whether you are an avid reader or author, BookBub offers something for everyone. What do you have to lose? Sign-up for your account today and start saving.

I am in no way affiliated with BookBub other than creating my own author profile. My recommendation is strictly based on my impression of the service and the benefit it has shown to me personally. Be sure to let me know if you find value in it as well! 

Warm regards,

K. Lamb

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