Over the past few weeks the news media has showcased the deadly Napa fires in Northern California and the devastation that occurred in the wake of its path. For many viewers, it was only an image on the screen. For others, it was a horror that forever changed their lives. For me, I watched as dear friends were evacuated and feared for the loss of their homes, while others worst fears were confirmed as they escaped the fires, but lost their worldly goods and precious mementos. It was also a constant vigilance of scouring fire maps and watching news reports to check shifting wind patterns to see if my own parents’ home would be in jeopardy.

As I thought about what I wanted to write this month, I could not think of anything more important than talking to your child about fire safety. Together, let’s educate children in an effort to keep them safe should they ever be presented with such a situation. With this very serious topic in mind, I decided to do some research on age appropriate books to see if I could find a couple that would open a dialog in an amusing and non-threatening manner. These are the two books I purchased, reviewed, and recommend:


No Dragons for Tea

Title:  No Dragons for Tea
Author:  Jean E. Pendziwol
Illustrator:  Martine Gourbault
Publisher:  Kids Can Press

Pages:  32 pages
Available Editions:  Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback

Age:  3-7
Grade:  P-2

Loved this book! 

It is excellent choice for young children as a read aloud. With its engaging story line that deals with an important topic in a manner that will have young ears paying attention, children are sure to learn the importance of fire safety and what they should do if caught in dangerous situation. The book goes one step further and takes the child past the trauma of the plot so as not to incite fear. At the end, one of the fire crew shows them the fire truck and praised them for knowing what to do.

I also love The Dragon’s Fire-Safety Rhyme.  With its sing-song quality children can easily learn and memorize the appropriate steps in case of an emergency. Finally, the back of the book includes a checklist for you and your child to discuss an action plan in the event of a fire.

And…who doesn’t love a big, green dragon?

Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Title:  Stop, Drop, and Roll!
Author:  Charles Ghigna
Illustrator:  Glenn Thomas
Music:  Drew Temperante
Publisher:  Cantata Learning

Pages:  24 pages
Available Editions:  Library Binding, Paperback

Age:  3-9
Grade:  P-2

Music encourages learning.

With its large print, it is an easy read that focuses on the message that we can all relate back to our own childhood when learning about fire safety….Stop, drop, and roll. This is an updated version of that theme based on rhyme and music. This book encourages a physical response to do the moves. It gives the child the opportunity to practice what they are learning. So beware, if you are a teacher, you may have a lot of children wiggling about on the floor!

At the end of the book you will find the full song lyrics,  sheet music, a short glossary, and a few activities. If you have a QR Reader app, you can access the original music and download or stream it.

The back of the book states that their book promotes physical, cognitive, and social & emotional learning.

I believe both of these books are solid choices for helping to discuss fire safety with your child. One focuses on a cute story line to engage its readers, while the other uses music to capture their attention. Both use memorization through the power of rhyme. 

In light of recent events, this is the perfect time to speak to your children. Put a plan in action! No one ever expects a fire, but it is best to be prepared. 

Stay safe, my friends.

Wishing you all the best,

K. Lamb

(Video Credit: AnimotionInc on YouTube)