The Gift of Reading

When I say that I believe reading is a gift, it is a message that comes from my heart. The joy–and even sorrow–that comes from a book can be a comforting companion. The emotions and thoughts they provoke unrivaled. It is something that I want all children (and adults) to experience. It is why you will always find books underneath our Christmas tree each year.

Using Photography Lightboxes

This month I thought I would write a DIY post on how to build your own photography light box. You may be wondering what this has to do with literacy? As authors and bloggers, we take a ton of photographs. Whether it is for a blog, social media, or marketing, quality graphics are essential. If [...]

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Basic Word Settings for a Children’s Book Layout

After posting my blog article, Formatting Your Children's Book, I was asked about the specific settings for a Word document. There are a lot of factors that will determine how to set-up your children's book, but I've included my basic settings. Let's get started. (Click to enlarge thumbnail) [...]

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In the Classroom | Roll-A-Story

One of my favorite segments on my blog is In the Classroom. Why? Because it means that I am going to be focusing on some sort of classroom activity and worksheet. However, these worksheets and activities are not exclusive to the classroom and are available to everyone on the website. Here is your chance as a [...]

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