The Gift of Reading

When I say that I believe reading is a gift, it is a message that comes from my heart. The joy–and even sorrow–that comes from a book can be a comforting companion. The emotions and thoughts they provoke unrivaled. It is something that I want all children (and adults) to experience. It is why you will always find books underneath our Christmas tree each year.

In the Classroom | A Story Starter

As I sat down to write this issue's In the Classroom, I must admit that I was thinking of my father-in-law. We lost him a few years ago after a long battle with cancer. He was an avid fisherman and there was nothing he enjoyed more than being out on the water, fishing pole in [...]

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We Are All Teachers and Students

Teacher's Appreciation Week is May 8th through May 12th, 2017. When we think about teachers, we think of the wonderful women and men who taught us, who teach our children, who inspire a new generation year after year. They are our role models. However, the best teachers know that they are also students. As [...]

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In the Classroom: The Great Egg Hunt

Robbie’s nose twitched, and he worriedly stamped his foot as examined the empty chicken coop. Easter was just a few weeks away and soon boys and girls would wake up in eager anticipation. Baskets in hand, they would hurry out into the bright sunshine in search of their treasure.  Except this year, if he didn’t [...]

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In the Classroom | Roll-A-Story

One of my favorite segments on my blog is In the Classroom. Why? Because it means that I am going to be focusing on some sort of classroom activity and worksheet. However, these worksheets and activities are not exclusive to the classroom and are available to everyone on the website. Here is your chance as a [...]

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What Is Your Book’s Magic Number? The Lexile Measure

If you are an educator or author, you are probably familiar with the term, Lexile Measure. If you are a parent, you may or may not be as familiar. However, chances are you have come across it. Before we delve too far into the subject matter, I think it is important for everyone to have a clear [...]

January 18th: The Birth of Winnie the Pooh

Actually, January 18, 1882 was the birth of Alan Alexander Milne, more commonly known as A.A. Milne, the author behind the beloved classic, Winnie the Pooh. However, without the man, there would not have been a tale for children to cherish. Each year, this date is celebrated by those who devoured Milne's story about a [...]

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