The Gift of Reading

When I say that I believe reading is a gift, it is a message that comes from my heart. The joy–and even sorrow–that comes from a book can be a comforting companion. The emotions and thoughts they provoke unrivaled. It is something that I want all children (and adults) to experience. It is why you will always find books underneath our Christmas tree each year.

Selfies in the Wild

Cathy (C.L.) has been creating with and for kids for many years, and because of it she's ever armed with crayons and not afraid to use or share them. She’s faster than a speeding turtle, more powerful than a newborn bunny, and nearly able to leap tall tales in a single bound.

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Meet Indie Author, Erica Gore

  Today I’d like to introduce you to my guest, Indie Author Erica Gore. Like myself, she introduces children to a world of intrigue with her series, Taya Bayliss Mysteries. Come explore with me as we learn more about this author from “Down Under.” […]

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