The Gift of Reading

When I say that I believe reading is a gift, it is a message that comes from my heart. The joy–and even sorrow–that comes from a book can be a comforting companion. The emotions and thoughts they provoke unrivaled. It is something that I want all children (and adults) to experience. It is why you will always find books underneath our Christmas tree each year.

A Grateful Thanksgiving

I would like to take just a moment of your time to express my appreciation. I am incredibly thankful to all of you who stop by to read my weekly blog, those who have journeyed with me the past couple of years as I have embarked upon my path as an Indie writer, and for all those who have supported the Dani P. Mystery series. You have all blessed my life in so many ways.

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When I was a small child, I had a very active mind. Truth be told, I still do. My mind is constantly racing and has difficulty just being at rest and insomnia has been my frequent companion throughout the years. It took me long into my adulthood to learn how to quiet my mind and enjoy the beauty around me, and to learn to let go of the daily anxiety that surrounds us. Serenity is something that comes with practice, and it starts from within.

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Summer’s Sweet Goodbye

There is something about the beginning of Fall. The weather is still warm, but there is just something in the air. Perhaps it is anticipation for those winter days when the rain outside gives you the perfect excuse to wile away the day with your favorite book. Or perhaps it is knowing little ghosts and goblins will soon be knocking on your door, and the holidays will soon be upon us with all of its good cheer. Despite all of the wonderful possibilities the new seasons bring, before welcoming it all in, our family decided to take the night out and visit the local Farmers’ Market to say a final goodbye to the summer season. […]

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