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Short Bio:

K. Lamb is from the San Francisco Bay Area where she indulges her silliness by weaving tales of adventure filled with mystery and mayhem. She is the author of the Dani P. Mystery series, and enjoys working with children and classrooms to promote early literacy. Subscribe to K. Lamb’s latest news at or learn more about the Dani P. Mystery series at

Medium Bio:

Author K. Lamb has published three children’s books in the Dani P. Mystery series with additional volumes in various stages of production. She draws on her experience, both as a mother and the time she spent volunteering in children’s summer programs, to create lively and believable characters. An advocate of children’s literacy, she believes reading is a gift that should be shared with today’s youth. Lamb encourages children in their pursuit of reading and writing whether it is by answering letters, conversing with students via Skype, or visiting classrooms. A resident of sunny California, she enjoys a quiet life with her family. Subscribe to K. Lamb’s latest news at or learn more about the Dani P. Mystery series at

Long Bio:
Lamb grew up living next door to her grandparents. Her grandmother, a voracious reader, encouraged the young child’s curiosity. Lamb’s early childhood memories are the core of her belief that reading is a gift to be shared; a lesson she learned early on. With easy access to an unending supply of her favorite genres—most typically gothic horror novels—she fell in love with literature. It wasn’t long before she began writing her own stories.

One of Lamb’s favorite school memories dates back to Parents’ Night. The teacher required each student to write and illustrate a short story and bind it into a simple book. Mesmerized by the project, she made two. Lamb still recalls the feeling of satisfaction when the teacher predicted she would become an author. It became her dream to realize that goal.

Lamb entered the working world at the tender age of 10 as a stock girl in her family’s wholesale equestrian supply business. By the time she reached her teenage years, she was not only fulfilling orders, but also running the company’s computer system and handling customer service. Lamb also participated in marketing their products at an annual trade show. When the company’s manufacturer closed its factory, her family made the tough decision to close their doors as well. Lamb was 18.

Utilizing her experience, Lamb later opened her own business, which first began as contracting bookkeeping and secretarial services. Ultimately, it merged into contracting as an office manager. Lamb has maintained that position since 1998.

At the age of 20, she met her future husband. On their first date, he drove her into San Francisco for dinner and afterwards surprised her with a horse drawn carriage ride. Four years later, the two wed. At the age of 27, Lamb welcomed their daughter into the world.  Life progressed, and between working and her family, Lamb had little time to invest in her own pursuits. The years swiftly passed and when faced with the reality of empty-nest syndrome, Lamb’s family convinced her it was time to achieve her life-long goal. With her daughter’s permission, Lamb dusted off a short story written for her daughter at the age of seven, entitled Dani and the Love Letter. Soon the short story morphed into an early chapter book series for emergent readers.

With the flexibility of her job, Lamb is free to pursue her dream. She spends her time writing, answering readers’ letters, Skyping students and teachers, and visiting local classrooms. To the best of Lamb’s knowledge, her books have traveled throughout the United States, into Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

In addition to this early chapter book series, Lamb plans to publish some of the Young Adult projects she has worked on over the years. Until then, she looks forward to continuing to spend time with her family in sunny California as they pursue sharing the story of Dani with young, new minds.

To quote Lamb, “Reading is a gift. It is an opportunity to expand a young mind and open up a child’s imagination. It only takes a few minutes of your time, a small commitment, yet the rewards are boundless. Share the gift of reading and open up a world of possibilities to a child today.” 

Subscribe to K. Lamb’s latest news at or learn more about the Dani P. Mystery series at http://www.danipmysterycom.