I designed the Inside the Classroom series, which includes Story Starters because emerging writers often need a bit of help to stir their imagination. The talent is there; it just needs a little assistance to move from a child’s mind onto paper. Story Starters provide an excellent way to jump-start the creative process. By giving a child the beginning of the story and allowing them to write the ending, it helps a child develop their writing process and gain confidence.

With St. Patrick’s Day soon approaching, it is the perfect time to introduce your students or child to Lucky the Leprechaun!

Lucky the Leprechaun was feeling anything but lucky as he strolled into the small Irish village of Dalkey, Ireland. Dodging the quick feet of the villagers, the wee little leprechaun charged ahead. You see, he wasn’t very happy, and his mind was on one thing: Finding his pot of gold! Finnegan, another leprechaun that roamed the seaside cliffs and hid among the surrounding hills and trees, had found his treasure and claimed it for his own. Before Lucky could stop him, Finnegan snapped his fingers and both he and the gold were gone!

As you might imagine, this made Lucky the Leprechaun very unhappy. Trudging along, he stomped through the mud avoiding the mighty Vikings that inhabited the small village. Although invisible, he was still at risk of being squashed. He was, after all, just a tiny leprechaun and the Vikings were oh, so very big!

Tired of mucking through the mud, he jumped off the road into a patch of tall grass. Tilting his head, he sniffed the cool ocean breeze for the signs of the other leprechaun. Nothing. However, Lucky’s stomach began to grumble as the rich aroma of a fine stew waŌed through the air and tickled his nose.

Hmm, perhaps a moment for such a tasty treat wouldn’t be such a bad idea. His mood lightened at the thought of a hearty meal, and Lucky merrily skipped to a nearby hut whistling a fine melody. Tiptoeing the last few feet, forgetting that no one could actually see him, he carefully peeked inside the doorway. A sudden gasp escaped him, and he soon realized that perhaps his name had brought him a bit of luck–Irish luck!



  • Dalkey is a real town in Ireland and is considered a suburb of Dublin.

  • It was founded by Vikings and became a busy, seaside settlement during the Middle Ages.

  • The busy port brought the plague to Ireland during the mid-14th century.