As a writer, you carefully pen your character’s voice. It is there in thought, dialogue, and even in action. Everything you type on the page helps to create that voice. So how do you entrust that to someone else?

Today I would like to introduce you to a personal friend of mine, Jill Cofsky. When I first thought about publishing an audiobook, I quickly gave up on the idea. Then it took root. I could hear Dani’s voice. Suddenly, I understood why I was ready to produce the audiobook and what had changed. It is because when I heard the voice of Dani, I envisioned Jill as the narrator. Someone I trusted and whom I knew would care for my character as much as I did.

So, go ahead and get comfy and join us for a chat as we learn more about the woman who helps to bring characters to life. You will also see what a fantastic person she is and how she volunteers her time, proving yet again, that #KindnessMatters is more than a hashtag.

Jill, can you tell my readers a little more about yourself and what you do in addition to voice over work?

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a concentration in Developmental Disabilities along with a Master of Education degree and currently teach first grade. I believe in inspiring a love of learning in my students, building trusting and caring relationships, and encouraging my students to follow their dreams. I felt as though I needed to follow my own advice and chase my dream. So, one day I decided to take a voiceover class, and I absolutely loved it! From that moment, I knew voice acting was something I wanted to pursue further. I enrolled in classes to train to become a professional voice actor with Voice Coaches, Creative Voice Development Group, LLC in Albany, NY. Teaching full-time, while simultaneously working as a voice actor, certainly requires time management skills. However, as I strive to be the best person I can be, and live a happy life, I find the time I need to do both!

Children can sometimes get a little star-struck. When your students hear one of your recordings, do they think you are famous?

You are absolutely right, Kristen. Children can sometimes get a little star-struck. My students think I’m famous only because many of the books I read in class are written by my indie author friends. Knowing and being connected with the authors of the books I’ve read in class, creates an added excitement in the classroom. My students honestly believe that you, Kristen Lamb, are famous! They are star-struck when I read a book of yours aloud to them and you, in return, respond to their comments or to the learning activities they took part in related to your book.

Students think it’s really cool when their teacher knows the author! As for me, I tend to keep my two careers separate from each other, so I don’t think any of my students have discovered my secret life as a voice actor as of yet! No celebrity status for me thus far.

As friends, I know about your different projects that are close to your heart. Can you tell my readers how you “donate” your voice in some unique ways and about the organizations you work with?

I am grateful to have the ability to use my voice over skills to give back to the community. I am a volunteer broadcaster for Audio Journal, a wonderful non-profit radio, cable, and online broadcast service which seeks to inform and empower people who are visually impaired or otherwise unable to read printed materials. Another organization near and dear to my heart is Learning Ally, a U.S. non-profit helping students with learning and visual disabilities reach their full potential. I thoroughly enjoy recording children’s audio books to lend a helping hand to students who struggle with reading.

My newest volunteer work has been with a company called VocliD. After donating hours of vocal recordings to their Voicebank, VocaliD will combine my voice with just a few seconds of matching recipient’s vocalization, and through the wonders of voice blending technology, create a personalized voice for her. I am hopeful that a match will be found, and I will be able to share the gift of a human voice with a deserving recipient!

I am honored to have the ability to donate to such worthy causes.

What interests you most about this type of work?

I have always had an interest in acting and performing but found memorizing lines challenging. Voice acting fulfills my love of performing without the need to memorize lines. I am overjoyed when a client tells me that the audio project I delivered surpassed his/her expectations. It is so rewarding to be of service to others. while engaging in something I am so passionate about.

What interests you most about this type of work?

I have truly enjoyed so many of the voice over projects that I have had the privilege to work on. My most cherished projects tend to revolve around children or literacy, two things I treasure. I absolutely adore narrating outstanding children’s stories, such as the Dani and the Haunted House audiobook I had the honor of narrating, as this combines my passion for voice acting with my love of great children’s literature.

I also have a blast voicing projects which inspire children through positive messages. An example of this is my fun role as The Voice of Gomee Girl, whose mission is to inspire girls to find personal empowerment and self-confidence through positive self-expression!

I am always eager to voice projects that make people smile when they hear them! I’m kind of a smiley person myself. Maybe someday I’ll even have the amazing opportunity to voice a children’s animated character! How delightful that would be!

Where can individuals or companies find out more about your services?

More information about my voice over services, including a chance to listen to my voice demo tracks, can be found on my website at Jill Cofsky Voice. I would also be happy to connect with anyone via email, Twitter, Facebook or ACX. I love meeting new people, in addition to working with returning happy clients, to create projects we can all smile about!


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