We all know that education extends well beyond the classroom. It is taught in many forms and covers subjects from academics to life lessons. Kindness is one of the lessons that we must teach early on in a child’s life.

As I was walking through our local Target store, which is in the process of being remodeled, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by their new children’s book display area, especially since our town does not have a bookstore. (I know, unbelievable!) However, Target’s latest addition has brought about an enticing place for children to shop for books. Since I am just an “overgrown kid,” I happily got sucked into browsing through the section. It was there that I came across a journal that I thought you would appreciate.

Put a little kindness in a child’s hand

I enjoyed the book, WonderI received it as a gift this past Christmas. The tale is sweet with highs and lows and showcases the journey of one family with a unique child. Although, this isn’t about a book review. It is about a journal that moves beyond the message of the book to help children “Choose Kind.” In a world where bullying is rampant in both cyberspace and a child’s daily life, the Choose Kind Journal is a welcome change.

This journal encourages children to write about a daily kindness they shared. This action is crucial on many levels. Not only do they have to “do good” in the world, but they have to reflect and write about those kindnesses. In doing so, they are learning how to be compassionate young individuals. At the same time, their writing skills and thought process are being developed and reinforced. What a fun way to help your child become a more well-rounded person.

Respect a child’s privacy

With your child’s permission, encourage them to share their journal with you and praise them for their efforts in showing kindness to others. If they wish to keep their journal private, please respect their boundaries. After all, a journal is a place for them to reflect their personal feelings and thoughts, and everyone, despite age, deserves a safe place in which to write.

DO YOU HAVE AN EDUCATIONAL LESSON THAT TEACHES KINDNESS? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear about it.