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You may not be able to take a leisurely walk through my bookstore, but you can scroll your way through. Looking for a gift? Books are a perfect choice. They can transport a child into the land of imagination where anything is possible. If you have questions about the Dani P. Mystery series, please do not hesitate to ask.

Need assistance deciding which book to choose?

I recommend them all, but you may find the book trailers at the bottom of the page helpful. If you are looking for a signed copy, I would be more than happy to personalize your selection. I’ll even do the gift wrapping so you don’t have to!

Bookstore: Dani and the Haunted House Book

Dani and the Haunted House

Dani takes on a little more than she expected in this haunted tale. 

Dani shivers in the cold night air as her heart races and butterflies dance in her stomach. This is her big moment. She is out to prove to everyone that age doesn’t matter when it comes to solving mysteries. With the help of her best friend, Chloe Marshall, Dani is determined to uncover the secrets within the haunted walls of the house on the hill. With a big gulp, she steps forward. There is no turning back now.

Dani and the Haunted House
Book 1 in the Dani P. Mystery series

Lexile Measure: 630

Recommended for children, 6-10.


Dani and the Mall Caper

The food court at the local mall is serving up more than just your average snacks. The newest dish on the menu is mischief and mayhem. 

After solving her first big case, Dani earns the title of being the best almost-eight-year-old detective in the world. Can she live up to her reputation? Join Dani as she sets out to prove that she can keep the citizens of Shady Hollow safe. There is only one problem: How does she stop a thief? With the help of her best friend, Chloe Marshall, she’ll have to figure it out soon before the local mall becomes the next target!

Dani and the Mall Caper
Book 2 in the Dani P. Mystery series

Lexile Measure: 570

Recommended for children, 6-10.


Bookstore: Dani and the Mall Caper
Bookstore: Dani and the Rocking Horse Ranch

Dani and the Rocking Horse Ranch

Dani finds it isn’t always easy to solve a mystery, especially when she has to deal with the school bully.

The Rocking Horse Ranch is hosting a horse show, and Chloe can’t wait to compete. When she is mysteriously hurt while out riding, Dani suspects foul play! Is someone trying to keep her from entering the competition? With the help of her friend, Ricky Ramirez, Dani sets out to discover the truth behind the dastardly deed.

Dani and the Rocking Horse Ranch
Book 3 in the Dani P. Mystery series

Lexile Measure: 570

Recommended for children, 6-10.


Dani: New Beginnings

Travel back in time and meet four-year-old Dani P. Spinelli and discover where her love of mysteries began. This prequel delves into some of the questions most often asked by children who read the Dani P. Mystery series. (Ages 6-10)

For those of you who have ever wondered…

Why did Dani become a detective?

When did she meet Chloe?

What was her first case?

Learn the answers to these questions and more with this short story written specifically to give you, our loyal readers, an inside glimpse at young Dani before she became the best almost eight-year-old detective.

Dani:  New Beginnings
A Dani P. Mystery Short Story


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Bookstore: Dani, New Beginnings
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