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How can you encourage your child to read?  5 Quick tips!

Read daily with your child. A mere 15 minutes a day will encourage your child and also make lasting memories.

It’s not enough to just read with your child. It is important for them to see you reading. Children mimic and learn from our behavior. If you’re a reader, the greater chance they will be too!

I know it’s tempting to pick out your child’s books, but if you want them to really enjoy reading then let them choose their books. Not happy with their choices? You can always steer them in the right direction after they’re hooked on reading! So go ahead, let them grab that graphic novel. They’ll still be reading.

Make going to the library, bookstore, or school book fair an adventure! Your kids will love spending time with you and associate those positive moments with reading.

Also, provide your child with lots of different options. There are the traditional books (my favorite), but there are also e-books. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse. There should always be reading material at hand!

Use games to help strengthen your child’s vocabulary. There are so many options today—board games, apps, and software. I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ll keep on saying it, “Learning does not have to be boring! Make it fun for your child!”
Free Downloads

Visit Dani P. Mystery for these free learning resources:

Download my 85+ page, and still growing, Teacher Resource packet full of classroom activity worksheets, fun learning games, and coloring pages. I’ve even included the Answer Keys. Although they were specifically designed to work with the Dani P. Mystery series, many of the reproducible sheets can be applied towards any book. Here’s a more in-depth look:

  • Two Book Report Formats

  • Reading Certificate

  • Character Comparisons

  • Story Prediction

  • Coloring Pages

  • Word Scrambles

  • Multiple Choice Comprehension

  • True/False Comprehension

  • Definition Word Challenge

  • Roll-A-Mystery Story Starter

  • Character-Setting-Plot

  • Lost Words