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Early literacy promotes engaged, successful students. As parents, teachers, and concerned adults, it should be our mission to share the gift of literature with young minds. You can accomplish this through active participation in reading to a child and showing children the magic that happens between the pages of a book.

Help a child today so that they may be successful tomorrow. The key to their education lies in a strong foundation. It is never too early to begin.

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Once in a long while, one comes across a children’s series that is not only well-written but says something meaningful. This is one of those series. They also tell us about friendship, loyalty, and unexpected courage–and, mostly, that having the confidence to be oneself, even though different, is a good thing.

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Picture of students reading Dani P. Mystery
Children reading Dani P. Mystery books

5 Quick Reading Tips!

Help your child become a successful reader, it only takes 15 minutes per day. Start out early by reading to them and asking questions so you can gauge their comprehension. As their skills grow, listen to them read. Again, ask your own questions so they can explain their interpretation of the material. Most of all, do not put too much pressure on them. Keep the atmosphere relaxed. It’s all about making reading fun.

Children love to mimic their parents and other adults. A child is more apt to pick up a book if they see you actively reading. For even more fun, read the same book independently and then discuss it together!

Parents enjoy picking out their child’s books, which is fine if you and your child are on the same “page.” The problem arises when your interest and theirs don’t meet. Put them in the driver’s seat and allow them to choose their own books. They will more enthusiasm in a book if it is something they want to read.

Take your child to the library or bookstore to pick out their favorite books. Plus, local libraries often sponsor activities and reading programs for children.

Children love games so take advantage of the situation. Games can help build their vocabulary. One of our daughter’s favorite games was Boggle, and we spent hours playing (and building her vocabulary!). Don’t forget to “challenge” a child to find bigger words.

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